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        Foundation engineering
        Steel structure engineering
        Prestressed engineering
        Structure reinforcement engineering
        Decoration engineering
        Electromechanical installation engineering
        Intelligent engineering
        llluminating engineering
        Curtain wall engineering
        Waterproof engineering

        Construction of pile foundation using post-grouting technologyi for Beijing TV Center project

        Foundation engineering of Henan Art Center

        Decoration engineering of transmission hall of Liaoning TV Station

        Decoration and renovation for Ministry of Construction

        Steel structure engineering of Zhuhai information Building

        Steel structure engineering in Golden Time residential building project

        Electromechanical and intelligent construction of Tianjin Custom Building won the Participation Award of China Building Project Lu Ban Award in 2001.

        Curtain wall engineering for Tianjin Foreign Businessmen Investment Service Center

        Waterproof engineering of the external walls for Shenzhen Citizens Center

        Intelligent engineering of Fukai Building

        Prestressing anchorage for the flood control model buildings of the trunk stream of the Yangtze River (Wuhan Region) and Dongting Lake

        Structure reinforcement for Beijing Oriental Kenzo Plaza

        Night lighting design and contruction for Bayi Building of the Central Military Commission

        Intelligent renovation for the Overnight Building of China Eastern Airlines

        Prestressed engineering for the overpasses over the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing
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